Welcome to lodge and enjoy our beautiful Lake Pielinen scenery in North-Karelia. Here you can feel the pure nature and relax in our natural landscape. We are situated in Vuonislahti village. You can see Koli in the opposite side of Lake Pielinen. There is only about an hour drive to many hiking routes: Koli National Park, Patvinsuo National Park and Ruunaa rapids and hiking. Now in the autumn it`s the best time of the year to come hiking in Finland.

And don´t forget the amazing snowy winter time. There is about 7 km Ice Road from our Vuonislahti village to Koli (from January to March depending on weather conditions). And when there`s Ice Road, there`s also possibility for tour skating next to Ice Road. You can also go cross-country skiing in ice skiing trails or snow-shoeing in forest or ice. Or you can simply go walking and enjoy the peaceful nature.